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Mesekon Oy

Mesekon Oy is privately owned and established in 1994. The company’s dedicated and professional employees guarantee high-quality operations and products.

Our production is based on an operating system which includes the certified quality system in accordance with SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015, SFS-EN ISO 3834-2:2021 and ISO 45001:2018. The most principal of our manufacturing processes is demanding welding, therefore all our welders are qualified and the welding works are manufactured according to the quality management of welding.

We are manufacturing medium-heavy and heavy steel structures including machining and product assembly in our own production. Other parts and lighter structures are produced from the sub-suppliers network.

Co-operation between Mesekon and its customers is based on mutual trust and joint objectives. We are continuously improving our operations to meet the high requirements of our customers and together with our customers we are developing product construction and suitability for manufacturing. Mesekon has the will and potential to be the strongest expert on the market – the supplier of choice.

We serve power industry, offshore – , oil & gas -, clean tech – and shipbuilding industries, aerial lifting machinery industry, construction industry, pulp and paper industry and other industries as well.