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Langh Tech Oy

“In the supply chain of scrubbers for SOx removal it is important to serve end customers flexibly and straightforwardly. Together with Mesekon we’ve managed to build a supply chain, in which customers feel to receive efficient, professional and fast project management. Local collaboration has played a key role in developing our products better both by process and production technology-wise. In this case it enables the easiest way for open communication.” says Laura Langh-Lagerlöf (Commercial Manager, Langh Tech Oy

Vema Lift Oy

”Our products are difficult to manufacture, so Mesekon’s skillful and professional personnel is playing a key role in our success. The long  term co-operation in different organizational levels has made the flexible and fast product development possible. This is very crucial especially when everything is not going as expected in every day life, when being able to react quickly helps reaching the goals. Mesekon is using modern welding techniques on new high strenght steels, which  enables us to utilize the possibilies that the materials give,” says Jyrki Roine (Director, Vema Lift Oy).

Framo AS

“For us in Framo is important to keep the quality of the products and the documentation constantly on the top of the field and we require that from our subcontartors also. Mesekon has been effective and helpful on manufacturing and documenting projects according to Norsok-demands. Their way of working is problem solving and flexible during the whole process of delivering offshore equipment to us. We have been able to trust to them and been able to develop the co-operation already for a decade”, says Sondre B. Johannessen (Operational buyer, Framo)


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